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I.T.C. (1993) Co., Ltd.
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Industrial Refrigeration Systems in Thailand
We have experience in :
- Food processing plants : Vegetable, Seafood, Poultry, Slaughterhouse
- C.A. control rooms
- Industrial systems : Ice water, petrochemical cooling skids
- Ice manufacturing : Flake, Tube, Block

I.T.C. (1993) engineers have received extensive overseas training directly from our international network of equipment suppliers, We can supply expert teams for design, consulting, "Turn-Key" contracts, or to meet the needs of the customer.

We start high technologies to save energies call "Thermal Ice Storage" for high building and providing equipment call "C0-Generator" for electric power energy supply.

Screw Compressor HP-Receiver and Auto Air Purger
Photo 1 : 46 sets and 18,000 HP of Screw Compressor. Photo 2 : HP-Receiver and Auto Air Purger.
Stainless Steel Evaporative Condenser Self Contained power Packed
Photo 3 : Stainless Steel Evaporative Condenser. Photo 4 : Self Contained power Packed.
Mimic Flow Diagram Vessel and White Preform PVC ClBody_1ing
Photo 5 : Mimic Flow Diagram. Photo 6 : Vessel and White Preform PVC Cladding.
Micro Processor Remote Monitoring Control Totally Welded Stainless Stell Insulated Enclossure Spiral Freezer
Photo 7 : Micro Processor Remote Monitoring Control
& Mimic diagram.
Photo 8 : Totally Welded Stainless Steel Insulated
Enclossure Spiral Freezer.
Processing Room Corridor Cooling house
Photo 9 : Processing Room Corridor. Photo 10 : Highly Utilized Space -25 oC
Cooling house and Low noise.
Unit Cooler Multiple Compressor Rack
Photo 11 : 10 oC Low draft Unit Cooler. Photo 12 : Multiple Compressor Rack.

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