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Frequently Ask & Question
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001 When will we use the Two(2) stage (multi-stage) compression instead of single stage?
002 What is the optimum or transition point to use ammonia to replace the halocarbon (Freon) system?
003 What are the refrigerant feeding systems normally use in unit cooler or evaporator?
004 Can thermal expansion valve be used in ammonia system?
005 Why using pump circulation instead of flooded or thermal direct expansion (TX) system?
006 What is the effect of the halocarbon refrigerantants average lubricating oils?
007 What effect does a halocarbon refrigerant have on the pour point of oil?
008 Does ammonia have any effect on lubricants?
009 Why does it necessary to keep moisture from mixing with refrigerants?
010 Should one refrigerant replace another in a refrigerating system?
011 Should refrigerants be mixed in a system?
012 How many type of oil cooling system that frequently use in screw compressor package?
013 Why screw compressor has many volume ratio?
014 What is the most optimum single stage compression volume ratio for ammonia screw compressor at +40 Deg.C condensing temp.?
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