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Condensers and Automatic Air Purgers.
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Evaporative Condenser

"I.T.C." Evaporative Condenser is long life trouble-free operation and less moving parts, designed for Anti-corrosive materials were selected. Condensing coil, casing are stainless steel, water pipe, eliminator and louver are PVC thus no corrosion problem.

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Evaporator Control Panel
Shell & Tube Condenser

The shells are designed for a working pressure of 20.7 Bar (g) and are fabricated out of ASTM-A-516 Grade 70 steel. All condenser shells are tested at 31 Bar (g), hydrostatic.

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Micro III Compressor Control Panel
Automatic Air Purger

Air Purger model AP-F01 use for removing the noncondensible gas (air) from the R717 (ammonia) refrigeration plant, Each one unit is suitable for system capacity up to 500 Tons (1,750 kW.) at suction pressure below atmospheric pressure or 1,000 Tons (3,500- kW.) at suction pressure above atmospheric pressure, This Airpurger also Suitable for R22 and other halocarbon thus provide energy saving and improve system performance.

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Micro III Compressor Control Panel
Fanless Evaporative Condenser

The latest innovation by ITC, Fanless Evaporative Condenser, utilizes a natural cycle of wind flow (similar to sea-land breeze) as the mean of heat rejection.

The only one electrical consume equipment is water pump, no fan then less wiring, switch gear, servicing, spare parts and operating sound noise.

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