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I.T.C. (1993) Co., Ltd.
Intertech Contracting Co., Ltd.
I.T.C. Co., Ltd.
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Heat and Control Processing.
I.T.C. PRODUCTS : Heat and Control Processing.
Pipe Insulation
Heat and Control

Processing & Packaging expert

• HeatWave™ Fryer.

• airforce™ Impingement Oven.

• Twin Drum Spiral Oven.

• Steam Belt Blancher.

• EasyCoat Batter and Breading Applicator.

• SureCoat™ Batter Applicator.

• SureCoat™ Breading Applicator.

• SureCoat™ Drum Breader.

• HeatWever™ Fryer.

• Twin Drum Spiral Oven.

• MPO® Multi-Purpose Oven Cooking System.

• Direct Flame Searer.

• Rotary Brander.

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