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สินค้าอยู่ในหมวด Condenser & Air Purger

Evaporative Condenser

"I.T.C." Evaporative Condenser is long life trouble-free operation and less moving parts, designed for Anti-corrosive materials were selected. Condensing coil, casing are stainless steel, water pipe, eliminator and louver are PVC thus no corrosion problem.

  Width Length Height Oper. Weight Total Heat Rejection (kW) Power
Model (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg) R-717 (NH3) R-22 Consumption (kW)
EVCP-61 1,200 2,400 3,200 2,600 227 264 4.1
EVCP-76 1,200 2,400 3,900 2,900 284 330 4.1
EVCP-92 1,200 3,500 3,600 3,300 344 399 6.0
EVCP-115 1,200 3,500 3,600 3,300 4300 500 6.0
EVCP-154 1,200 4,600 3,600 4,300 576 670 7.5
EVCP-202 1,500 4,600 3,900 5,300 756 879 7.5
EVCP-253 2,200 4,600 3,700 8,300 950 1,103 14.2
EVCP-317 2,200 4,600 3,900 9,000 1,189 1,381 14.2
EVCP-398 2,300 5,800 3,700 9,600  1,490 1,731 18.0
EVCP-493 2,300 7,000 3,700 11,000 1,846 2,143 22.0
EVCP-609 2,900 7,000 3,700 14,000 2,280 2,648 23.5
EVCP-748 2,900 7,000 3,900 16,000 2,803 3,256 31.9

Note :

  1. Other capacity and dimension are available. Please contact manufacturer.
  2. Specifications subject to change without notice.

The Evaporative Condenser by ITC is a unique and an extraordinary machine which can be capable of heat rejection, and can maintain pressure as well as temperature regulation control inside the refrigeration system.

Besides these outstanding features, it is also resistant to corrosion. Constructing from stainless steel, it do not need any protection from rot or hazardous chemical.

Furthermore, each fan is directly driven by the motors, namely the special TEAO motor with cast iron terminal box, shaft seal and outdoor paint. Thus, we no longer need the pulley and belt inside it. Also, the fast and smooth fan operation can discharge the saturated hot air produced from heat exchanger.

Heat exchange takes place with the presence of air, water and hot ammonia gas. The air entering the bottom side of the condenser flows upward contacting the evaporator coil, which contains vapor and water coming from the nozzle. It then causes heat rejection.

Consequently, the nozzle will evenly spray water into the coil, causing heat transfer by dispersing the heat from the hot gas, and eventually will condensates the vapor into its liquid state without changing its pressure.

Along the connecting lines, the red pipe indicates hot gas of ammonia which will change its state to liquid without changing its pressure during the process of heat exchange in the condenser coil. With this, the condensed liquid will flow through the yellow pipe. 

In addition, this machine is well-known for having high thermal eciency with less energy consumption. We oer you this special evaporative condenser with multiple fans. So don’t forget about this product, it’s extraordinary.

External Service Platforms (Optional)
The external working platform and ladder are allow to easy access and maintenance service for the fan motor and water distribution system. The material are stainless steel, grade SUS304 (the heavy duty galvanized steel platform as the option) is self-supporting which no need the external support. The cost saver than field assembly catwalks, the ladder is the standard and can be quote stair ladder for the option. It’s knock down parts and easy installation.


  1. Ladder and platform are ship loose (IF). Field installation by customer.
  2. Extended ladder is quote as the optional if the unit is elevated from the floor. Any modification of the package should be consult manufacturer.
  3. To rigging the equipment, ladder and/or platform see instruction.
  4. Any obstructions or conflict with the platform will be the customer’s responsibility for relocation and modification.