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สินค้าอยู่ในหมวด Automatic Control System (ITCLink)

Evaporator Control Panel

The Evaporator Control functions provide temperature mon-itoring and control for plant areas. Control outputs of the GForce™ panel direct the opening and closing of valve station solenoid or modulating valves and the starting and stopping or speed control of air unit fans, providing the cooling and defrost functions for each evaporator zone.


  • GForce™ panels can provide up to 80 configured evaporator zone control groups for control of valve stations and air unit fans.
  • Zone control groups are factory-configured to provide monitoring of a zone temperature and control of fans and liquid, suction, soft hot gas, hot gas, bleed, and humidity control solenoid valves.
  • All defrost cycle timers—pump down, soft hot gas, hot gas, bleed, and fan delay—are easily adjustable.
  • All zones have temperature alarm differential set points above and below the current zone set point.


  • Various standard features that can be used to minimize energy usage:
  • Zone defrost cycles can be initiated by liquid runtime set point, scheduler, or manual initiate.
  • Zone defrost terminate on coil temperature or other condition is possible through optional factory configuration.
  • Zone temperatures can be lowered during lower-cost energy periods and raised during peak energy periods.
  • Ramping of zone temperatures is possible for controlling temperature pull down and temperature increase rates.
  • Fan cycling feature can be enabled for stopping the fans when the zone temperature is at set point, an other energy saving feature. Fans run periodically for several minutes to agitate the air in the room and to check the zone temperature.
  • Automatically delayed startup of each zone stages the turning on of zone fans to avoid power spikes during power up.
  • Defrost loops provide a means for avoiding simultaneous zone defrosts; if defrost is initiated for a second zone on a single loop, that zone’s defrost cycle will be delayed until the first zone’s defrost is terminated.
  • Easily-adjusted zone probe assignment is especially useful for temporary re-assignment if a probe fails.
  • Zone outputs may be controlled from GForce™ panel with processor or from a remote I/O GForce™ panel; remote I/O panel can be located closer to valve stations to minimize field wiring.
  • An extremely flexible Energy Saving Scheduler is provided for initiating defrosts, changing/ramping zone temperature setpoints, enabling/disabling individual zones, and prohibiting individual zone defrosts; all entries are user-defined.

Optional Features

  • Factory configurable functions:
  • Humidity control (Reheat function)
  • Variable-speed air unit fan control
  • KW limiting/load shedding
  • Heating control—hot gas or electric
  • Defrost termination by coil temperature sensor or other statusHand-Off-Auto toggle switches in zone output modules provide means for manual override.
  • Fan isolation relays can be included in panel for zones with fan loads that exceed output module current capacity.
  • Zone can be configured for Glycol air unit control.
  • Defrost cycle can include a water-wash step.