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สินค้าอยู่ในหมวด Condensing Unit

Tube In Tube Water Cooled Condensing Unit (SWB)

"EURO-COOL" ITC tube in tube water cooled condensing unit feature.

  • Energy efficient Semi Hermetic Compressor.
  • Engineer as a split system. Easy to install.
  • Compact in Size.
  • Rugged and reliability.
  • Fully assembly and Factory tested.

Model Capacity at -5℃ Watts Capacity at -25℃ Watts Water Flow m3/Hr Receiver Volume (dm3) Overall Dimension (mm) Unit Weight in kg
Length Width Height
S101B-SWB 5,930 2,450 19 4.7 750 400 620 82
S103B-SWB 7,360 3,020 24 6.8 850 450 630 126
S104B-SWB 10,960 4,480 35 9 1,050 450 700 133
S105B-SWB 14,900 6,250 48 12 1,100 500 750 160
S107B-SWB 18,340 7,650 59 15 1,200 600 800 163

Note :

  1. Above capacity rating based on R-404a, and 31℃ water entering condenser.
  2. Other capacity and dimension are available. Please contact manufacturer.
  3. Specifications subject to change without notice.

The unique Tube-in-Tube Water Cooled Condensing Unit by ITC is a phenomenal complex machine which can handle high temperature inside the refrigeration system. It is composed of semi-hermetic compressor, multiple tubes and liquid receiver. Moreover, a semi hermetic compressor is used for condensing unit containing
refrigerant with an evaporating temperature at -25℃ or -5℃, based on the specification. In the package, we also provide a liquid receiver with large reservoir, which its size varies according to type of models.

A set of multiple tubes are aligned for heat exchange. Unlike the air conditioning unit, here water is applied for heat rejection by the process of conduction. Also, with the refrigerant, it then causes heat transfer. Hot gas of refrigerant condenses into liquid form with a temperature less than 40℃. The water at 31 ℃ absorbs all heat and yields 40℃.

Hence, ITC would like to present you this outstanding Tube-in-Tube Water Cooled Condensing unit you will ever have.