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สินค้าอยู่ในหมวด Insulation Panel & Doors

Cold Store Pannels

"Protecting business and property with FireSafe insurer approved systems" The double tongue and groove edge alignment ensures a precise interlocking of the panels and dimensional accuracy.

This positively eliminates the risk of thermal bridging and provides an air-tight between panels after erection.

Foam Technical Data IPN Unit
Sussested Appliication Temperature -200~+100
Thermal Conductivity (ƛ) 0, 020-0, 021 W/mk
Compresstive Strength (10% to expand)

 0, 14

Shear Strength

40 - 50 mm ≤ 0, 14

60 - 80 mm ≤ 0, 12

≥ 100 mm ≤ 0, 06

Water Absorption (%Volume) ≤%2 %Volume

Vopour diffusion Strength (µ)

Fire Class EN 13501-1

Fire Class FM 4880

70 - 80

B s1 d0

Class 1




Closed Cell Content %95 -

Insurance Certification...
Factory Mutual Global (FM) Approval Requirements

FM Global (FM), formally known as Factory Mutual, has a severe test standard for assessing reaction to fine, This test standard is FMRC 4880 (1994) Approval requirements for Class 1 fire classification.

For internal and external applications, Ral 9002 Polyester paint
suitable to be used in food processing facilities is used as a standard
in both surface iron sheets of the panels.

The Optional facings are:
PVDF : For inside and outside use where there is a high risk of corrosion.
Plastisol : High elasticity and very good corrosion-prevention properties; suitable especially for internal use.
Niro 1.4301 : Rust - resistance according to EN 10088-2, for heavy duty use, (stainless steel)

Kingspan lzopoli cold store panels, facings are long lasting, easy to care and provide hygienic and low cost solutions.